Comprehensive Neuroradiology Course Faculty


Joshua P. Nickerson, MD, FACR: Course Director

Dr. Nickerson is Division Chief of Neuroradiology and Professor at Oregon Health & Science University. He is a former residency Program Director and Vice Chair of Education, and current Associate Program Director. He has served for many years on the Education Committee of the ASNR, and is the current Editor-in-Chief of Neurographics, the educational journal of the ASNR. He is a passionate educator, a prior Anne Osborn International Outreach Professor, and serves in educational roles with the APDR, AUR, and ABR.

Tabassum A. Kennedy, MD: Adult Brain

Dr. Tabby Kennedy is a Professor of Radiology, the Division Chief of Neuroradiology at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and a former Fellowship Director. Tabby is a pioneer in medical education and has experience with flipped classroom instruction using digital media. She is a highly regarded lecturer on the national stage always delivering well-organized, visually appealing and insightful talks. She was recently awarded the ASNR Outstanding Educator award for 2021.

Judith A. Gadde, DO, MBA: Pediatric

Dr. Judy Gadde is a pediatric neuroradiologist at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, where she also serves as the Director of Academic Innovation and the Pediatric Radiology Residency Rotation Site Director. She is the Vice Chair of the Young Professionals Committee for 2023-2024. She is also a member of the Social Media & Website Committee and the Education Committee. She is passionate about using social media for medical education. She has completed 1 year of her Masters of Health Professions Education (MHPE) at University of Illinois Chicago thus far. She also serves as President of AMSER for 2023-2024.

Mahmud Mossa-Basha, MD: Advanced Imaging

Dr. Mahmud Mossa-Basha is Professor of Radiology, Adjunct Professor of Neurology and Electrical Engineering, Vice Chair of Clinical Research and Co-Director of the Research Vascular Imaging Lab. He has previously served as Vice Chair of Clinical Operations and Quality and Safety, Chief of Radiology, and Director of MRI. Mahmud is the former Johns Hopkins Fellow Teacher of the Year (2012), UW Neuroradiology Teacher of the Year (2013, 2015), and Scott J. Schulte UW Radiology Teacher of the Year (2014). Mahmud is the chair of the ACR Neuroradiology Review Course, a didactic and case-based hands-on course. He also chairs the Society of Magnetic Resonance Angiography Education Committee. He has published more than 140 peer-reviewed research and educational manuscripts and given more than 100 invited lectures at national and international conferences. His primary areas of focus include neurovascular, stroke, spine, and advanced imaging, imaging post-processing, and operational workflow efficiency.

Wende Gibbs, MD, MA: Spine

Dr. Wende Gibbs is an Associate Professor and the Director of Spine Imaging and Intervention at Barrow Neurological Institute. She is dedicated to education of physicians in training and practice, as well as patients, through academic and organized medicine, with committee and leadership positions in multiple national and international medical societies. She is the President of the American Society of Spine Radiology, President Elect of the Western Neuroradiological Society, and Chair of the ASNR Education Committee. Dr. Gibbs is also passionate about multidisciplinary cooperation and collaboration. She has leadership positions in NASS and is a frequently invited speaker at Neurosurgery and spine surgery meetings. She has focused her research, service and education efforts on spine oncology, pain management, and radiology reporting. She has authored multiple book chapters, peer-reviewed journal articles, and award-winning abstracts, scientific talks, and exhibits. In addition to spine topics, her interests include patient safety, communication, ethics, education, and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Ashley H. Aiken, MD: Head & Neck

Dr. Aiken is Vice Chair of Faculty Advancement and Engagement, Director of Head and Neck Imaging, and Professor of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at Emory University. She also served as the past Fellowship Director for 12 years. She has served for many years on the ASNR education committee and serves as Treasurer on the ASNR Board of Directors. She also serves as chair of the ASHNR education committee, as well as on the ASHNR Executive Committee. She practices in an innovative embedded reading room within ENT clinics and a multidisciplinary clinic for head and neck cancer.