Report of Outreach Professor Mark E. Mullins, MD, PhD

This experience was wonderful. I am quite grateful to the ASNR and my neuroradiology colleagues in Brazil that produced such a fantastic opportunity. I was especially impressed with the quality of advanced neuroradiology in Brazil. As you might expect, I thought that the best part of the experience was the people. I’ve wanted to go to Brazil for a long time and this gave me the impetus that I needed to make it happen.

I went for 2 weeks, with an initial week in Rio de Janeiro and a following week in Sao Paolo. This schedule was suggested by my primary contact for this program, Dr. Celso Hygino. In Rio, I spent time teaching residents and doing talks to Radiologists & Neurologists. Most days were 2-3 hours of teaching and on Saturday I did an entire morning of talks. There were some social activities during some days and evenings. In SP, the days were jam-packed with talks, discussions and social activities. Sometimes the days went from about 7 in the morning until 11 at night. The teaching included some resident teaching, discussing teaching cases that they showed me and some didactics to Radiologists. An unpleasant surprise for me was the traffic in SP… the worst that I have ever seen. I suggest that this be factored into any schedule.

Overall, a wonderful experience for me, and I hope a great experience for the people I met in Brazil too!