Report of Outreach Professor Lawrence E Ginsberg

Under the auspices of the ASNR International Outreach Program, I was privileged to participate in “ Practical Questions in Contemporary Medical Imaging 2016,” held in Lviv, Ukraine, September 19-21, 2016. Sponsored by Friends of Ukrainian Radiology, this annual event was held at the Hotel Lviv over three days, and played to an enthusiastic crowd that exceeded 100 radiologists from throughout Ukraine. Along with my colleagues Drs. James Abrahams from Yale University and Donald Schomer from MD Anderson, our portion of the program dealt with neuro and head and neck topics including brain tumors, head and neck malignancy, HPV, jaw lesions and other subjects. One interesting feature was the pre-translation of our slides into Ukrainian, which along with verbal translation certainly led to an interesting lecture experience! The Ukrainians were not only very appreciative for this educational program, but were fabulous hosts, providing nightly dinner and cultural experiences for the visitors. A wonderful experience was had by all.