South Africa

Name of Host Organization: Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA)  

Liaison person for the Host Organization and contact information: Prof. Leon J. van Rensburg  

Liaison person for the ASNR and contact information: Prof. Walter Kucharczyk  

Preferred dates for the Professorship (a date range is acceptable): Flexible  

Frequency (for example, once per year, or twice per year, or once every two years, etc.): Every 2 years 

Duration (a range of durations in acceptable): 2 to 4 weeks  

The Host Organization will provide (describe what expenses and resources will be covered by the host organization): Airport transfers, good quality guest house accommodation including breakfast, transport to host institution, domestic air travel if needed and not included in the international ticket, common courtesies and sightseeing (excluding luxury tours and destinations)  

Activities expected of the Professor: 

1. Spend 5 hrs per day in the host department, participating in daily programs.

2. Didactic lectures and participation in an academic program, and advise and assist residents to prepare for the board examination.

3. Webinar lecture on the RSSA platform for RSSA members.

4. Participate in RSSA Congress / Meeting should the visit coincide with the Congress