Name of Host Organization: Sociedade de Radiologia de Pernambuco 

City/Cities: Recife 

Liaison person for the Host Organization and contact information: Maria de Fátima V Vasco Aragao 

Liaison person for the ASNR and contact information: Maria de Fátima V. Vasco Aragao 

Preferred dates for the Professorship (a date range is acceptable): June  

Frequency (for example, once per year, or twice per year, or once every two years, etc.): Once per year. However, could be twice per year 

Duration (a range of durations in acceptable):  10 days 

The Host Organization will provide (describe what expenses and resources will be covered by the host organization): Local transportations, hotel, and alimentation 

Activities expected of the Professor: Lectures at the Jornada Pernambucana de Radiologia, the Hospitals and Universities in Recife, and in the Radiopizza 


Name of Host Organization: Clínica de Diagnósticopor Imagem (CDPI)/DASA 

City/Cities: Rio de Janeiro 

Liaison person for the Host Organization and contact information: Dr. L. Celso Hygino da Cruz Jr 

Liaison person for the ASNR and contact information: Dr. Walter Kucharczyk  

Preferred dates for the Professorship (a date range is acceptable): March to June and August to November 

Frequency (for example, once per year, or twice per year, or once every two years, etc.): Annually 

Duration (a range of durations in acceptable):  1-2 weeks 

The Host Organization will provide (describe what expenses and resources will be covered by the host organization): The host organization will provide local housing, some meals, and local transportation.

Activities expected of the Professor:  

  • Spend around 6 hours per day, 4 days a week, in the host department, participating in daily activities 
  • One day per week and weekends will be left open for the Professor to tour the region  
  • Give didactic lectures and perform case-based and teaching-file reviews in daily teaching sessions 
  • Participate in academic programs, guiding residents and junior staff how to submit manuscripts to major radiology journals and international meetings, as well as to help them in post-graduate programs 
  • Advise and assist residents to prepare for board examination Participate in local meetings giving 3 to 4 lectures