Feedback from Professor Yuri Ivaniv

As the head of post-graduate education in diagnostic imaging for the Lviv Oblast, I want to thank the ASNR for including Ukraine in the International Outreach Visiting Professor program. 20 years ago, Dr. Leo Wolansky of the Friends of Radiology in Ukraine started a Ukrainian language state of the art diagnostic imaging course, which we have co-chaired together since that time. The course has been attended by thousands of medical imagers. It has been featured on Ukrainian news programs. In 2015, the International Outreach Visiting Professor program greatly added to the value of the conference by sending Dr. Donald Schomer and Dr. Jonathan Morris. After the giving multiple superbly informative lectures at the three day didactic conference (attended by hundreds), the two doctors remained in Ukraine and taught at a small group seminar, an interactive, hands-on workshop, attended by a diverse group of trainees. In all, the doctors stayed for two weeks, not only teaching us a wealth of knowledge, but learning about our needs, our customs, and our dream for improving our country. Dr. Schomer was so impressed with the experience that he decided to return in 2016 at his own expense. The 2016 professors were Dr. James Abrahams and Dr. Lawrence Ginsberg. These two doctors along with Dr. Schomer greatly enhanced our conference with their wealth of knowledge and singular teaching skills. Dr. Abrahams and Dr. Schomer stayed and participated in the small group seminar which followed giving the most committed students and trainees an opportunity to interact face to face. The value of the ASNR program is immeasurable and I hope with the greatest enthusiasm imaginable that the ASNR will consider us a worthy host country.