Feedback from Dr. Larry Ginsberg

My visit to South Africa began with 5 days of safari in Sabi Sabi and Mala Mala, near Kruger Park. Safari is a wonderful experience.

I visited two hospitals in Cape Town, first Groote Schuur Hospital, associated with University of Cape Town, and chaired by Dr. Sulaiman Moosa. Dr. Moosa actually picked me up at the airport and was a warm and kind host. I gave two cases sessions with the residents (there known as registrars), and the trainees were attentive and receptive. I also gave numerous lectures there, most of which were conveyed online as a nationally broadcast webinars. Prior to leaving this hospital, I was able to tour the museum dedicated to Dr. Christian Barnard’s pioneering first human-to-human heart transplant, in which the actual OR suites are part of the exhibit. Great experience.

Mid week I was transported to Tygerberg Hospital, under the auspices of Stellenbosch University, and chaired by Dr. Richard Pitcher, also a very warm and hospitable host. I gave numerous well-attended lectures there, including a tumor board for the ENT faculty, and most of these sessions were also nationally broadcast webinars.

In total I gave 13 presentations during my 5 day visit to Cape Town. In the evenings different groups of physicians took me out to great dinners.

The hospitality and friendship shown to me during this visit was fantastic; this and the enthusiasm with which my lectures were met exemplified all that is good about the Osborn International Visiting Professor Program.

I was proud to once again be part of it and wish to express my appreciation to the ASNR.

Larry Ginsberg