About the ASNR

The American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR) is a professional membership society comprised of more than 5,000 physicians specializing in the field of neuroradiology. The ASNR was founded on April 19, 1962 in New York and incorporated in the State of New York on February 1, 1965. An article by Past President Michael Huckman, MD, details ASNR's history.

Neuroradiology is the clinical sub-specialty concerned with the diagnostic radiology of diseases of the central nervous system, brain, head and neck, through the use of x-ray, MRI, CT and angiography. It is practiced in hospital settings, academic/educational institutions, and private practice.

Senior membership in the Society is open to board-certified radiologists residing in the Western Hemisphere with two years formal training, or one year of formal training and a second year of 100% neuroradiology experience, both under supervision of a senior member in the institution with an approved radiology residency program. Active members must devote approximately one-half or more of their professional practice to neuroradiology.

The ASNR is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, a near-western suburb of Chicago. The ASNR is comprised of 17 full-time professional staff members. The Society also publishes the American Journal of Neuroradiology (AJNR), a monthly medical journal.

The ASNR holds one annual meeting per year, typically during the months of April/May. Total meeting attendance averages 2,400 registrants, with physician attendance comprising approximately 75% of that total. International registration makes up about 5% of total registration.

The ASNR Annual Meeting offers programmatic representation in the sub-specialties of neuroradiology including head and neck radiology, pediatric neuroradiology, interventional neuroradiology, and spine radiology. Each respective sub-specialty holds specific days of programming during the week. Sub-specialty programming days rotate annually.

In addition to attending an intensive scientific program, registrants are able to view comprehensive scientific, poster, and computer (interactive) presentations, as well as, attend a technical (commercial) exhibitor display. Attendees are also given the opportunity to participate in various social activities and optional events offered throughout the meeting.

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