Resident and Medical Student (RMS) Portal

The American Society of Neuroradiology has created this online portal to introduce Residents and Medical Students to the ASNR and the dynamic world of Neuroradiology. The objective of this forum is to serve as a centralized collection of resources that are likely to be valuable during training and the fellowship application process.

The ASNR recognizes that Residents and Medical Students are part of a critical segment of Neuroradiology—those who will move the field forward in years to come. We likewise recognize that it is vital to get them involved in the ASNR early in their training programs, by following the four-part mission of clinical training, research, medical education, and leadership. Residents and Medical Students are crucial to the future viability of the field of Neuroradiology. Therefore, the ASNR encourages Residents and Medical Students alike to become members of the Society throughout the course of their training.