ASNR Maintenance of Certification (MOC)


The American Board of Radiology administers the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program in diagnostic radiology and subspecialties. A brief explanation of the four parts of MOC are listed below, along with a listing of the resources ASNR offers neuroradiologists to meet these requirements. For a more detailed explanation of the requirements, please see ABR’s Maintenance of Certification page.

MOC Component Part I. Professionalism and Professional Standing

Element: Licensure

Compliance Requirement: Valid and unrestricted in all states of practice
Medical Physics Diplomates Only: Part 1 requires valid, unrestricted licensure if practicing in FL, HI, NY, or TX. Those with a license but practicing in other state(s) may also attest to licensure. Those without licensure must have one available attester as defined by the ABR.

MOC Component Part II: Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment

Element: CME

Compliance Requirement: At least 75 Category 1 CME in previous 3 years

ASNR Online Resources: ASNR provides free online access to its learning management system, ASNR Education Connection, which hosts courses that qualify for CME credit. There are two main types of content for credit:

  • CME lectures. This course library is refreshed regularly with new presentations from the ASNR Annual Meeting and other content.
  • More than 100 educational review articles from ASNR’s online journal, Neurographics.

The ASNR Education Connection site also maintains historical records of all credits you’ve earned through ASNR, including Annual Meeting credits, and makes these credits automatically available to the CME Gateway for convenient reporting to ABR and other agencies. All content is free for ASNR members and available for purchase by non-members.

MOC Component Part 3. Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skill

Element: OLA or traditional exam

Compliance Requirement: Passed the most recent performance evaluation for ABR Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA) or passed a traditional exam in the previous 5 years
If a diplomate was meeting MOC requirements at the 2017 MOC Annual Review, then his or her Part 3 requirement was deferred until the rollout of Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA). If he or she was NOT meeting MOC requirements at this review because he or she had not taken an MOC exam in the past 10 years, he or she will be required to take an MOC exam. Please call the ABR office for more information. Diplomates are limited to three attempts if taking the traditional exam to satisfy Part 3 of MOC.

ASNR Online Resources: To assist neuroradiologists in preparing for the ABR cognitive exam, ASNR offers online review lectures via the ASNR Education Connection, as well as at the ASNR Annual Meeting.

MOC Component Part 4. Improvement in Medical Practice

Element: PQI Project or Activity

Compliance Requirement: Completed at least 1 PQI Project or Participatory Quality Improvement Activity in previous 3 years

Element: Audit

Compliance Requirement: Achieved “compliant” audit status. Applies only to those selected for an audit. ASNR Online Resources: ASNR has developed materials to support a neuroradiology PQI in the topical areas of:

  • Fluoroscopic guided lumbar puncture (3 modules available, fully qualified by ABR)
  • Reducing radiation exposure in children for evaluation of ventriculomegaly (fully qualified by ABR)

These PQI project templates, as well as basic information on the PQI process can be found here. If you currently participate in a PQI efforts and would like to share your PQI concepts with ASNR members, please contact ASNR at