ACGME Requirements

The ACGME has issued new program guidelines effective July 1, 2019. There are a number of significant changes that have been incorporated into the new guidelines.

ACGME Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in Neuroradiology

ACGME Milestones

Neuroradiology Fellowship Requirements: Updates in 2019 AJNR March, 2020

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ACGME Requirements and COVID:

Some of you have reached out to see how the ACGME would handle procedure requirements for fellows within the context of the COVID pandemic. Fellowship Directors were sent correspondence from the ACGME on Wednesday March 18 suspending accreditation related requirements during this time with a number of additional details. If you missed the email, here is a link to the pdf online.

The program requirements are set to accredit programs and not assess whether a resident/fellow is competent in the procedures. Programs determine if a resident/fellow is competent to perform any specific procedure and thus even in the absence of COVID, a fellow may be deemed competent to practice with less than the minimum or be required to extend training if not felt to be competent even if they have achieved a minimum number.