Social Media and Website Committee


The Social Media and Website Committee’s primary purpose is to provide ideas and input on projects related to the website and social media of ASNR and AJNR. The committee also works with ASNR staff in optimizing ASNR’s presence and image on various social media channels and on the internet.

  • Works with ASNR Staff in overseeing the social media editors who help manage social channels
  • Provides advice to inform the social media and website strategies developed
  • Assists with social media outreach
  • Builds and maintains relationships with social media influencers in the community
  • Explores opportunities to improve the ASNR website and both the AJNR and ASNR social media platforms, and considers new digital avenues that could benefit the ASNR.
  • Works with ASNR staff in creating website redevelopment plans aligned with leadership funding allocation

Time Commitment

The committee shall hold two meetings annually during the ASNR Annual Meeting and during the RSNA Annual Meeting. Holds conference calls as needed.

Committee Roster

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