International Collaborations Committee


The International Collaborations Committee’s purpose is to review, coordinate, and develop international collaborative initiatives designed to raise the awareness and stature of the ASNR throughout the world.

  • Build enduring relationships centered on Neuroradiology education and collaboration with Radiology/Neuroradiology societies around the world.
  • Advise the Board of Directors on matters related to international imaging collaborations and establish priorities and related budgets for international efforts.
  • Connect with other societies outside of the US to identify and evaluate collaborations.
  • Administer the Anne G. Osborne ASNR Outreach Professor Program, a volunteer program available to ASNR Senior members who are interested in teaching in person in developing countries. The main objective of the program is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and techniques, and to teach.
  • Administer the ASNR International Imaging Series. International Imaging Symposia are two- to three-day educational events held on a range of neuroradiology topics. Most of the speakers are Senior ASNR members, chosen for the expertise and teaching skills.
  • Identify virtual educational opportunities (such as virtual case conferences, virtual didactic lectures and virtual neuroradiology mentorship) for international neuroradiology collaborations.

Time Commitment

The committee meets virtually at least twice a year or more as needed.

Committee Roster

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