Health Policy Committee


The Health Policy Committee shall be responsible for promoting the socioeconomic clinical practice of neuroradiology by conveying clinical practice information to Society members, and addressing issues impacting clinical practice at the legislative and administrative levels of government.

  • Collaborate with other societies, government legislative and regulatory entities as well as payors, on issues pertinent to neuroradiology practice, to advance quality care and optimum practice environment, as well as appropriate reimbursement.
  • Maintain active role in representing neuroradiology by being active in the AMA advisory capacities on the CPT Editorial Panel, RUC and PCPI. Develop and advance new neuroradiology CPT codes, when appropriate.
  • Maintain active role in responding to the RUC’s Relativity Assessment Workgroup (RAW); work with the ACR to develop strategies and plans for optimal resolution to issues that are brought up by the process.
  • Continue active participation in national, local, and 3rd-party payor coverage policy efforts; and provide appropriate input as new policies are proposed.
  • Review positions held on ACR Neuroradiology Commission and other ACR Commissions and Committees, and provide ASNR candidates for all positions appropriate for neuroradiology.
  • Promote the ASNR caucus through state chapter counselors.
  • Explore Quality and Appropriateness issues, and their impact on neuroradiology.
  • Continue development and input into Practice Guidelines and Technical standards, and any other position papers influencing the practice of neuroradiology.
  • Keep the ASNR Advisory Council and Research Committee aware of key reimbursement issues. Consult with the Research Committee and Foundation to solicit participation regarding research directions/projects related to the socioeconomic issues.
  • Assist staff in maintaining advocacy and practice guidelines webpages.

Time Commitment

The committee meets in-person twice a year and holds conference calls as needed.

Committee Roster

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