Financial Management Committee


With the approval of the Executive Committee, shall establish policies and guidelines for the fiscal management of the Society.

On or before 9/30 of each year (after the audit), the Financial Management Committee will recommend to the Administrative Committee an amount to transfer from ASNR reserves to the Foundation. This calculation will be based on financial performance of operating units and investment income accumulated by both the ASNR and the Foundation. A report recommending approval or disapproval will be made to the Executive Committee at the time of their meeting during the RSNA.

Composition & Tenure

The Committee will be chaired by the Treasurer, and will include the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, most recent Past-President, Fundraising Co-Chair of the Foundation, Chair of the Publications Committee, ASNR Executive Director/CEO and ASNR Director of Finance and Information Systems. There may be up to four additional Senior members of the ASNR appointed by the Treasurer, each of whom will serve for a one-year term.

  • To monitor the overall financial management of the ASNR, as well as the performance of its investment portfolio management.
  • To re-assess the investment strategy of the ASNR, considering changing economic conditions. Participate in conference call at mid-fiscal year to review strategy.
  • To recommend potential expenditures from ASNR financial resources to effectively implement the strategic plan (i.e. donations to the Foundation of the ASNR, educational opportunities, research efforts, etc.), and to monitor their distribution with respect to available financial resources (level of solvency of the ASNR).
  • Annually assess the fee structure of the Annual Meeting and dues for membership in the Society.
  • Annual review of operating budget with ASNR staff to discover opportunities for savings.
  • This committee will report findings bi-annually to the Executive Committee through the. Treasurer at the ASNR Annual Meeting and the ASNR Executive Committee Meeting at RSNA.

Time Commitment

The committee holds monthly conference calls and meets in-person twice annually.

Committee Roster

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