Diversity and Inclusion Committee


To promote and advance a culture of diversity, inclusion, respect, and mutual understanding throughout the ASNR and to advocate for the equitable care of our patients.

ASNR Diversity and Inclusion Committee Vision

We envision an ASNR where all members are:

  • welcome
  • valued
  • represented
  • able to contribute

1. Promote awareness of the ASNR’s Welcoming Environment Policy and set an example by embodying its ideals.

2. Create and deliver diversity, equity, and inclusion educational content relevant to the field of neuroradiology.

3. Advocate for representation of all member demographics throughout the ASNR’s organizational structure and in ASNR events and activities.

4. Participate in mentorship and pipeline initiatives promoting careers in neuroradiology, including among groups underrepresented in radiology.

5. Dismantle barriers and foster new opportunities for member involvement. 

6. Encourage inclusion of diverse study populations in neuroradiology research.

7. Actively partner with the Radiology Health Equity Coalition to advance health equity in neuroradiology. 

Time Commitment

The committee shall hold conference calls monthly and meets in-person as needed.

Committee Roster

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Diversity and Inclusion Resources

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