Diversity and Inclusion Committee


The ASNR and the Foundation of the ASNR will embrace and advance diversity throughout all of their activities, in addition to active promotion of inclusion in membership, leadership, staff, research and innovation efforts, education, and annual meeting offerings for the benefit of our patients and all of neuroradiology.

  • Programming – Create and deliver educational and online learning content on diversity and inclusion via ASNR Webinar series, Education Connection, and annual meeting sessions.
  • Defining Diversity – Each committee member define how they believe we should conceptualize Diversity from the standpoint of our committee and for the organization.
  • Work to ensure a quality educational experience for ASNR Annual Meeting attendees and fair representation of diverse voices of speakers, including international speakers and attendees for whom English is a second language.
  • Provide communication/training that inclusion starts with knowing (and knowing how to pronounce) someone’s name.
  • Membership/recruitment – Promote Diversity within our broader membership and within neuroradiology in general.
  • Mentorship/ASNR leadership pipeline
  • Research other Society diversity and inclusion activities; ACR engage forum and RSNA webinar
  • Assess and discuss a formal recommendation from the committee to the Program/Operations Committee that Diversity (as it ends up being defined for the ASNR) be considered to a greater degree when developing the annual meeting program.
  • Potentially separate out the concepts of Diversity, Inclusion, Parity, and Justice.
  • Provide ASNR efforts to increase overall numbers of women in neuroradiology. Investigate the degree to which there are under-represented groups entering our specialty and develop strategies to address those shortcomings.
  • Consider how to best address the impact of the pivot to the virtual meeting format for the foreseeable future on access/opportunity for the numerous talented, hard-working, and interested young professional neuroradiologists out there who are not currently well-connected to ASNR leaders for mentorship and consideration of leadership positions.

Time Commitment

The committee shall hold conference calls monthly and meets in-person as needed.

Diversity and Inclusion Program Checklist

When looking at the breadth and depth of your potential education event contributors (speakers, moderators, poster presentations, etc.), based on your general knowledge, is there diverse and inclusive representation in the following areas:

  • Geographical, including International representation
  • Institutional (i.e. not only from the same academic institutions)
  • Gender / Gender Identification
  • Age
  • Minorities; race, ethnicity, culture, nationality
  • Subspecialty
  • Practice Environment
  • Training Background / Institution
  • Accommodations for all levels of abilities (wheelchair access, closed captions, etc.)

Committee Roster

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Diversity and Inclusion Resources

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