ASNR Advisory Council


The Advisory Council’s primary responsibility is to advise and support the ASNR Board of Directors in meeting the ASNR Strategic Plan Goals and Initiatives, the council shall consist of a broader group of ASNR leadership as defined in the constitution.

  • Provide support to the ASNR Board of Directors in fulfilling the ASNR strategic plan, including:
    • Strategic Goal 1: Enhance ASNR’s role as the leader in neuroradiology
    • Strategic Goal 2: Deliver relevant and timely education and information that is relevant to the practice of neuroradiology
    • Strategic Goal 3: Recognize and promote neuroradiology as vital to quality patient care.
    • Strategic Goal 4: Promote ASNR and the Foundation’s neuroradiology research efforts to support established strategic initiatives
  • Shall vote to select a slate of nominees (submitted by the Nominating Committee) to elect officers of the Society, voted on by the Senior
  • Shall approve Subspecialty Group representation to the Advisory Council. Subspecialty Group representation shall consist of one voting representative to the Advisory Council of the ASNR, or their alternate from each Subspecialty Group. A Subspecialty Group’s representation may be reviewed as needed by the Advisory Council, and will be routinely reconsidered every 3 years.
  • Shall vote to select award winners recommended by the ASNR Awards Committee (Gold Medal, Honorary Member, and the Foundation of the ASNR Outstanding Presentation Award).

ASNR Member Spotlight

As ASNR continues to move forward, we want to celebrate all of our nearly 6,000 members. The ASNR Member Spotlight highlights interesting ASNR members and unsung heroes in the society. Please use this form to put forward suggestions on members who should be highlighted each month. Each spotlight will include the ASNR member picture and reason they were selected. The ASNR Member Spotlight will be included in ASNR eNews, posted to the website, and shared on other ASNR social media.

Committee Roster

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