ASNR Member Spotlight: Father and Son Neuroradiologists

Dr. Royce Biddle has been an ASNR member since 1986, two years before his son, Garrick, was born in 1988. He joined the Society shortly after completing his two-year Neuroradiology Fellowship at USC-LA County under Dr. Harvey Segall from 1983-1985. 

ASNR was a family affair for the Biddles. As Royce remembered “I would take the whole family along when I attended the ASNR meetings. Many times, we would go by train. While Garrick couldn’t attend the meetings then, we would have wonderful family outings as we stayed in excellent hotels and dined in great restaurants. He would see me leaving in the morning to attend lectures. I talked about it a lot and he could see my love of medicine and neuroradiology. I have always been very close to him and his brother and spent a lot of time with them throughout their growing up years. On several occasions he would be in the audience when I gave lectures at our hospital. I never pushed becoming a doctor or a neuroradiologist on him at all. It was and should always be their choice.”

(l. to r.) ASNR President Dr. Yvonne Lui with Dr. Garrick Biddle and Dr. Royce Biddle at ASNR23 in Chicago.

Neuroradiology, it turned out, was Garrick’s choice. Currently, a R4 Diagnostic Radiology resident at UC Davis Medical Center, Garrick joined ASNR as a Member-In-Training in 2018 when he was in medical school.

“I knew from my first day of medical school I wanted to be a neuroradiologist. My enthusiasm is driven by a profound interest in cerebral anatomy as well as cerebrovascular pathology, coupled with a strong desire to contribute to patient care and support clinicians through my work,” said Garrick.  

At this past ASNR Annual Meeting in Chicago, Garrick had the opportunity to present an abstract on “Impact of Interpretation Speed, Shift Volume, Trainee Participation, Exam Setting on Neuroradiology Errors.” His father was, of course, in the audience to watch.

Dr. Royce Biddle at his workstation. His commitment to education is something he hopes he’s passed on to Garrick.

“I pursued Neuroradiology because it is so extremely interesting. As it is so complex one needs a Fellowship to do it well and to be truly able to serve patients. If you’re going to do something you should do it well with a Fellowship. A Fellowship allows one to have more confidence than a generalist would have, especially when dealing with Neurosurgeons and Neurologists. A Neuroradiology Fellowship is valuable on the job market and would be very helpful in any practice. The added expertise also allows one to enjoy the practice more,” said Royce.

Royce is currently practicing at Premier Radiology, Kalamazoo, MI. Garrick is excited to be starting his Neuroradiology Fellowship in July 2024 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Royce added, “I would bring the entire family along to ASNR meetings when they were growing up. I never thought what that could lead to.”