RVS Update Committee (RUC) Update: A Salute to Dr. Joshua Hirsch

The RUC is a unique multispecialty committee convened by the American Medical Association dedicated to describing the resources required to provide physician services from which the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) considers in developing Relative Value Units (RVUs). The ASNR has been active at the RUC since its inception; which has been critically important for neuroradiology as a field. ASNR considers its continuous representation on the RUC (and CPT) to be one of the most important ways we serve our members.

After 7 years of dedicated service as an advisor to the RUC, Dr. Joshua Hirsch (Josh) has informed us that he is moving on. The ASNR Health Policy team would like to thank Dr. Hirsch for his outstanding effort that benefited all neuroradiologists through his commitment to our RUC team.

Early in his tenure, Dr. Hirsch helped recruit the current ASNR RUC advisor Dr. Greg Nicola. To put things into perspective, during the Hirsch/Nicola era ASNR has defended every single code family of importance to neuroradiologists and have done so with remarkable success! Beyond that, as a practicing neurointerventionalist, Josh was critical in advancing partnerships with non-radiologist RUC teams including but not limited to AANS/CNS and the various pain societies.

Succeeding at the RUC is testament to many hours of advanced preparation, strategic thinking and tactical decisions at the meetings. In Josh’s case, these attributes are coupled to an infectious personality which fosters success even under the at times adversarial circumstances that can permeate RUC deliberations. Moreover, Dr. Hirsch’s care and interest in mentoring others was both inspirational and incredibly appreciated. As busy as he is, there was always time for thoughtful mentorship and this extended well beyond guests of the ASNR.

We appreciate your terrific and approachable leadership, Dr. Hirsch! We also appreciate your willingness to continue to lend your thoughtful consideration and advice to ASNR RUC efforts of the future.

As Dr. Hirsch exits, the ASNR Health Policy team is excited to announce the addition of Melissa Chen, MD to the RUC team as an Alternate Advisor. Dr. Chen is a practicing neuroradiologist at MD Anderson and we have no doubt that her efforts alongside Dr. Nicola will inure to the continued success of ASNR at the RUC.

As Josh Hirsch would point out whenever he had a chance, please remember to complete your RUC surveys when you receive them from ASNR! The surveys are essential to validating our codes and providing accurate value recommendations to the RUC and CMS.

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