2016 ASNR Genomics Study Group Meeting

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
4:45pm - 6:00pm Eastern Time
Room Roosevelt 4

Meeting called to order at 4:50 EST by co-chairs Dr. Whitney Pope and Dr. Rivka Colen.

Note is made that the guidebook had incorrect room information, which may have precluded some members from participating.

  1. White Paper
    • White Paper update – the Chairs provided an update on the white paper, which is finished other than for the figures. Several attendees volunteered to contribute figures. When added to the paper, the work will be sent to AJNR where editor-in-chief Dr. Jeffrey Ross has said that, because of the length, the best option would be to consider on-line publication. Once published the paper or link to the paper will be available on the Society’s website.
  1. Meeting Technology
    • Kambiz Nael, neuroradiologist at Mount Sinai in New York City, was introduced as the website editor for the study groups on the ASNR website. Dr. Nael will work with the Chairs to help develop content for the website. All members of the study group are welcome to submit website content or ideas for content to Dr. Nael.
  1. Standing conference call and international outreach
    • There was agreement that a quarterly conference call would be helpful. Dr. Colen will set this up and the members will be invited to join.
    • International outreach – Due to multiple time zones, coordinating with European, Asian and Latin American and African colleagues can be challenging. The group will consider appointing leads in each of these geographic locales to facilitate collaboration.
  1. Possible expansion to include all brain tumor imaging
    • The group considered the possibility of expanding the study group’s purview. Dr. Colen suggested including radiomic analysis (typically quantitative, machine extracted features, eg texture).   Dr. Max Wintermark noted that the group can expand according to the interest of the members. There also has been interest expressed in studying pediatric tumors. This issue will be discussed further at upcoming conference calls.
  1. Future Directions
    • Pope emphasized the need to be clinically relevant and also the leverage the potential of imaging-genomics for improving patient selection for targeted drug therapy trials.
  1. Guidelines
    • Ellingson was absent due to unforeseen personal reasons but an update on the Brain Tumor Imaging Protocol (BTIP) was provided by Dr. Pope. Currently only a few members of the group are using the BTIP. Dr. Pope noted that the purpose of the BTIP was to help compare data across centers, particularly for anti-glioma drug trials. Further, the FDA is a proponent of using the BTIP in these trials and some study sponsors (perhaps most, due to pressure from the FDA) will require the use of this protocol for participation in studies. Therefore Dr. Pope urged the members to familiarize themselves with at least the basic protocol. Further, the protocol or links to the protocol (and the associated paper) will be published on the website.
  1. Mis
    • Dawid Schellingerhout from MD Anderson shared his difficulties in acquiring funding for expensive processing of brain tumor tissue samples. The group agreed that ongoing outreach is necessary to educate other members of the scientific community about the potential of imaging-genomics, which may reduce impediments to acquiring competitive extramural funding.
    • The group agreed to meet again at RSNA, date TBD
  1. Adjournment was at 6pm and a group photo was taken for posting on the webpage.
2016 ASNR Genomics Study Group Meeting
2016 ASNR Genomics Study Group Meeting