Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the ASNR website page describing our ongoing efforts as leaders in the field of AI as it pertains to all aspects of neuroimaging:

Artificial Intelligence Task Force

This task force was created for the purpose of discussing the best ways to establish ASNR as the leader in AI and then make recommendations to the ASNR Board of Directors to approve actions and dedicate resources over the next 2-3 years to reach this goal of establishing ASNR as the preeminent leader in neuroradiology AI.

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Dedicated Meeting Focus to Artificial Intelligence

The ASNR 57th Annual Meeting and Foundation of the ASNR Symposium 2019 will have over 15 hours of scientific and special sessions, workshops, and a keynote address dedicated to AI.

American Journal of Neuroradiology (AJNR) New Artificial Intelligence Deputy Editor: Christopher G. Filippi, MD

The AJNR Artificial Intelligence Deputy Editor position was created for the purpose of overseeing the peer review of manuscripts that contain data science content such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. This work will be concurrent with and complement the clinical, scientific, and statistical peer review that AJNR submissions already undergo.

Foundation of the ASNR Neuroradiology Research Grant in Artificial Intelligence

This grant was created to provide a funding opportunity for investigators who are not fully established as neuroimaging researchers and who are interested in the emerging field of artificial intelligence in neuroradiology. Scientific research remains the foundation upon which the clinical practice of neuroradiology is built, and artificial intelligence is likely to have a transformative influence on the field of neuroimaging. Researchers in artificial intelligence will become the leaders who develop and translate this emerging technology into the routine clinical care of patients and go on to obtain extramural funding to support their research program. The overarching goal of this grant initiative is to foster the growth of individuals in this important and rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

Co-Sponsored ASNR/ASFNR Artificial Intelligence Workshop

This joint workshop was created with the purpose of providing an AI education program to train neuroradiologists and making them effective leaders and collaborators in AI projects focusing on neuroimaging. The goals of this education program are to serve as a hands-on introductory workshop to AI and deep learning in neuroradiology, to allow attendees to understand and critically evaluate literature in AI and neuroradiology, and to allow attendees to set up and conduct a basic research project using AI.

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This study group was created for the purposes of facilitating the exchange of information and knowledge amongst experts and fostering collaborative research that will propulse neuroradiology in the next phase of its evolution, ensuring that neuroradiologists will provide the best possible care to their patients.