Should I be concerned about radiation?

CT scans and radiation

  • You may have some concern regarding exposure to ionizing radiation. Well-qualified radiologists are trained in radiation protection, and they develop protocols to minimize the dose of radiation without compromising the quality of the images. Nonetheless, CT scanning does pose minimal risks associated with x-ray exposure, although it is significantly less than the risk of ordinary radiography. The exposure is monitored and regulated to minimize the amount of radiation needed to produce the image. You should consult your healthcare provider about the risks if multiple CT scans are needed over a period of time.

    During pregnancy, abdominal CT scanning is usually not recommended unless the patient has an emergency situation, because the radiation exposure may pose a risk to the developing fetus.

    More information

    We encourage parents to visit the following websites that address and learn more about radiation exposure associated with CT scanning: (Info on Pediatric Safety)