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Volume 2009, Issue 3

The following articles were originally presented at the ASNR 47th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
These presentations were originally presented as PowerPoint Slide Shows and have been converted to HTML for web viewing and are best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Full screen viewing is recommended for optimal results. Users running Windows XP, Service Pack 2, should click "yes" when prompted to allow Active X scripting.


  1. CT of Temporal Bone: Learning CT Anatomy with Pathologic Correlation
    Achint K Singh, Yutaka Sato, Simon CS Kao, Michael P D'Alessandro

  2. Patterns of Bone Involvement in Neoplasms of the Paranasal Sinuses
    E Bonfante, S Emilio, N Useche, M Wang, A Simonetta, C Sitton

  3. Imaging of True Vocal Fold Paralysis
    Henry S Sebata, John P Grimm, John L Go

  4. What's in a Name? Eponyms in Head and Neck Radiology
    George Spanos, John Grimm, Henry Sebata, John Go

  5. Imaging of The Tongue
    Colin S Poon, Liyuan Yu, Jack M Hsu, Sydney Butts, Ja-Kwei Chang, James J Abrahams

  6. Lesions of the Head & Neck: What Happens In Vagus Stays In Vagus
    Janice Lee, Alissa Burge, Katrina McGinty, Vinh Nguyen, Karen Black, Rona Woldenberg

  7. Subcutaneous Emphysema and Its Definition of the Anatomy of the Neck: Interactive Presentation
    Brooke Devenney-Cakir, Francisco Contreras, Osamu Sakai

  8. Head and Neck Free Flaps: Typical Imaging Features with ENT Clinical Correlates
    H Bedi, G Moonis, R Wein

  9. Rhadomyosarcoma of the Head and Neck: Typical and Atypical Clinical Presentation and Imaging Features
    H Bedi, P Caruso, G Moonis

  10. Sudden Onset Sensorineural Hearing Loss: A Pictorial Review
    Kenneth Le, Enrique Palacios

  11. The Spectrum of Blunt and Penetrating Injuries of the Head and Neck: A Radiological Approach
    Razia Rehmani, MD Philippe Chu, Steven Lev

  12. Imaging appearance of granulomatous lesions of the head & neck
    A Abdel Razek, M Castillo

  13. Imaging Appearance of Vascular Malformations of Head and Neck
    A Abdel Razek

  14. Preoperative localization of parathyroid adenomas using 4D CT: Our experience at Henry Ford Hospital
    Shehanaz Ellika, Suresh Patel, Horia Marin, Todd Aho, Mitchell Pace

  15. Imaging Features of Focal Amyloid Depositions in Head, Neck and Spine
    Hemant Parmar, Tanya Rath, Mauricio Castillo, Dheeraj Gandhi

  16. Imaging the Aging Globe
    John Grimm, Henry Sebata, George Spanos, John L Go

  17. Pictorial Review of Orbital Trauma
    Judd Goldberg, Craig Warshall, Alan Johnson, Vadim Spektor, Vinh Nguyen

  18. Carotid Sheath/Space: Normal Anatomy and Pathology
    Lev Bangiyev, Hyoung Kyu Oh, Deborah L Reede, Lindell R Gentry, Wendy RK Smoker, Roy A Holliday

  19. Neurofibromatosis 1 Revisited
    Neel Gupta, Jagan Gupta, Enrique Palacios

  20. Endovascular treatment of vertebral artery origin stenosis
    O Kizilkilic, A Esenkaya, B Kara, S Albayram, N Kocer, C Islak

  21. Management of Selected Acute Ischemic Stroke Cases. Our Experience with Medical, Endovascular and Neurosurgical Interventions
    Naveed Akhtar, Kashif Hemeed, Coleman Martin, Daryl Pinedo, Navi Shergill, Stephanie Reid, Reza Zinati, Jared Halpin, Katie Isbell, Simon Wong, Chi You

  22. Computer-Assisted 3D Modeling of the Skull Base Vasculature: A Neurointerventional Teaching Tool
    Vicko Gluncic, Neeraj Chaudhary, Joseph J Gemmete, Dheeraj Gandhi, Sameer A Ansari

  23. Spinal Vascular Malformations
    B McGuinness, A Coon, M Pearl, L Gregg, R Tamargo, P Gailloud, D Gandhi

  24. Basal cerebral venous drainage from Cavernous Sinus Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas
    H Kiyosue, Y Sagara, H Mori

  25. Stent Assistance of Intracranial Aneurysm Treatment
    O Kizilkilic, M Asik, B Kara, S Albayram, C Islak, N Kocer

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