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Volume 2009, Issue 2

The following articles were originally presented at the ASNR 47th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
These presentations were originally presented as PowerPoint Slide Shows and have been converted to HTML for web viewing and are best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Full screen viewing is recommended for optimal results. Users running Windows XP, Service Pack 2, should click "yes" when prompted to allow Active X scripting.


  1. Variable Appearance of Primary Lymphoma of the Central Nervous System: Imaging Features
    Mohannad Ibrahim, Hemant Parmar, Francisco F Rivas Rodriguez, Larry Junck

  2. Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging in the study of brain tumors
    RCM Pincerato, CC Leite, KM Pincerato, MCG Otaduy

  3. Extraventricular Neurocytoma and Ganglioneurocytoma: Advanced MR imaging, histopathological, and genetic findings
    Arastoo Vossough, Seyed Ali Nabavizadeh, Sanjeev Chawla, Jennifer Baccon, Paul J Zhang, Harish Poptani, Elias R Melhem

  4. Schistosomiasis Mansoni as a Cause of Hyperintense Basal Ganglia
    Adonis Manzella, Paulo Borba Filho, Carlos T Brandt, Keyla O Fonte

  5. Marker Metabolite Peaks on Proton MR Spectroscopy of Brain Lesions
    Bejoy Thomas, Manohar Shroff, Chadrasekharan Kesavadas, Arun Kumar Gupta, Tirur Raman Kapilamoorthy

  6. Role of Blood Oxygen Level Dependent Functional MR Imaging and Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Presurgical Planning of Brain Tumors
    MA Rodacki, FST De Toni, MS Pedro, CES Castro, J Bazzi Jr, RM Ferreira

  7. Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Normal Cerebellar White Matter and Correlation with Different Subtypes of Ataxia
    Louis Muscarella, Noriko Salamon

  8. Postictal Imaging Findings on MR Imaging: The Great Imposters
    Shivani Gupta, Vadim Spektor, Sylvie Destian

  9. Beyond Pattern Recognition: A Pictorial Review of Adult Leukoencephalopathies
    Emilio P Supsupin Jr, Eliana E Bonfante-Mejia, Jeanie M Choi, Ramy El Khoury, Clark W. Sitton, Leo Hochhauser

  10. Idiopathic Inflammatory Demyelinating Diseases of the Brainstem
    A Rovira-Cañellas, A Rovira-Gols, J Sastre-Garriga, C Auger, J Munuera, X Montalban

  11. Visual Rating System for Assessing Magnetic Resonance Images: A Tool in the Diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease
    Christopher Hancock

  12. White Matter Hyperintensities Are Related to the Severity of Medial Temporal Atrophy — A Biomarker of Neurodegenerative Disease
    Christopher Hancock

  13. Challenges of Establishing a Successful Stroke Center
    Navi Shergill, Katie Isbell, Marilyn Rhymer, Debbie Summers, Naveed Ahktar, Daryl Pinedo, Stephanie Reid, Coleman Martin, Chi-hyun You, Jared Halpin, Kashif Hameed, Jessica Hanarahan

  14. Pictorial Essay of MR Imaging Findings of PRES
    Asim K Bag, Karthikram Raghuram

  15. Persistent Primitive Trigeminal Arteries (PTA) and Its Variant (PTAV): Analysis of 103 cases detected in 16,415 cases of MRA over three years
    E O'uchi, M Tanaka, K Ito, A Azuma, S Hase, Y Kikuchi, Y Kawamura, T O'uchi

  16. Anatomical Parcellation of the Corticopontocerebellar pathways of the human brain: A Diffusion Tensor Tractography-based Study at 3.0 T and High Spatial Resolution 1mm x 1mm x 1mm
    Arash Kamali, Larry A Kramer, Khader M Hasan

  17. High Resolution DTI Atlas of Human Brain White matter Pathways: A Diffusion Tensor Tractography Study on 3.0 T
    Arash Kamali, Larry A Kramer, Khader M Hasan

  18. Cross-Sectional Imaging in Persistent Carotid-Vertebrovasilar Communications: A Pictorial Review
    Unni Udayasnkar, Sung B Lee, Amit Saindane, Dennis Atkinson, Arthur J Fountain

  19. The Central Sulcus and Beyond: What You Need to Know About Gyral and Sulcal Anatomy
    Ian A Kaminsky, Abdul-Majid Khan, Mohanpal Dulai, Nicola Petitti

  20. Interactive Head MR Atlas
    BR Ferguson, RJ Bert, D Rubinstein

  21. CNS Veins: All a clinical radiologist needs to know
    A Ramos, A Kaen, JM Millan, F Ballenilla, L Concepción, A Lagares

  22. Pictorial Review: Embryology, Anatomy & Variations of the Vessels that Form & Arise from the Circle of Willis
    Farrah Jabeen, Paritosh Khanna, Danial Hallam, Basavaraj Ghodke

  23. Interactive CT Sinus Anatomy
    Sung E LoGerfo, Michael L Richardson, Robert W Dalley, Yoshimi Anzai

  24. Computed Tomographic Appearance of Skull Base Foramina with Anatomic Variations & Clinical Implications
    Shehanaz K Ellika, John Corrigan, Horia Marin, Hakmin Park, William Sanders

  25. Temporal Bone Anatomy & Pathology: CT/MR Imaging-Based
    J Bellamy, M Patel, R Zinati, N Akhtar

  26. Pictorial Review of Multidetector CT in the Evaluation of Congenital Absence of the Long Process of the INCUS
    M Nicolasjilwan, S Mukherje, J Gaughen, D Kreitel, P Raghavan

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