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Volume 2009, Issue 1

The following articles were originally presented at the ASNR 47th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
These presentations were originally presented as PowerPoint Slide Shows and have been converted to HTML for web viewing and are best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Full screen viewing is recommended for optimal results. Users running Windows XP, Service Pack 2, should click "yes" when prompted to allow Active X scripting.


  1. CNS Vasculitis
    R Hibbert, S Chakraborty, M Santos

  2. Posterior Fossa Stroke
    Sangam Kanekar

  3. Completing The Circle- Evaluating the Circle of Willis. Common and Uncommon Variants: What Your Interventionalist and Neurosurgeon Want To Know
    Darren Fitzpatrick, Rona Woldenberg, Karen Black, Avi Setton

  4. Measurement of Cerebral Circulation Times Using 320-slice CT
    Eberhard Siebert, Georg Bohner, Susanne Diekmann, H.-Christian Bauknecht, Marc Dewey, Randolf Klingebiel

  5. Carotid Thrombosis and the Circle of Willis. Topographic Correlation of Cerebral Infarction Considering the Various Variants of the Circle of Willis
    A Sánchez-Montañez, A Alguersuari, A Carvajal, A Rovira-Gols, M Zauner, M Prenafeta, S Pérez

  6. Tinnitus: Triphasic Assessment with CTA/CTV
    Elliott Friedman, Amanda Corey, Douglas Mattox, Patricia Hudgins

  7. The Many Faces of Cerebral Amyloid Disease
    D Dayton, L Shah, K Salzman, A Osborn

  8. Contemporary Management of Carotid-Cavernous Fistulas: A Case-based Review
    A Coon, B McGuinness, M Pearl, J Gemmete, RJ Tamargo, P Gailloud, D Gandhi

  9. Susceptibility Weighted Imaging In CNS Disorders
    Richard J Robinson, Sandeep Bhuta

  10. The DWI-AD: Physics and its applications in non-stroke brain pathologies
    Sangam Kanekar

  11. Surgical Complications of the Skull Base: Encephalocele and Infarcts. (Pictorial Essay)
    Rafael Glikstein

  12. Transsphenoidal Meningoencephaloceles in Adults — A Case Series
    R Siripurapu, A Herwadkar, D Hughes

  13. Neuroradiologic Menagerie: A case-based review of zoologic imaging signs, their origins, and importance
    Jessica Kurian, Yvonne W Lui

  14. Headache Imaging: Is It Hypo or Hyper?
    RS Grover, S Chakraborty, C Torres

  15. Signing On: A Survey of Neurological Localizing Signs and Their Imaging Correlates
    D Behr-Ventura, S Lev, I Wahedna

  16. Feasibility of prefronto-caudate pathway tractography using high resolution diffusion tensor tractography data at 3T
    Arash Kamali, Larry A Kramer, Khader M Hasan

  17. Comparison of Corrected with Uncorrected Signal Intensity Curves Derived from T2* DSC MR Imaging Perfusion MR Imaging in Intracranial Neoplasms after Preloading with Gadolinium
    Saulo Lacerda, Meng Law, Andre D Furtado, Girish Fatterpekar, Bradley Delman, Lawrence Tanabaum, Mary Fowkes, Thomas Naidich

  18. Characterization and Comparison of Signal Intensity Curves Derived from T1 DCE MRI versus T2* DSC MRI in Intracranial Neoplasms
    Andre D Furtado, Meng Law, Saulo Lacerda, Girish Fatterpekar, Bradley Delman, Lawrence Tananbaum, Mary Fowkes, Thomas Naidich

  19. Whole brain CT perfusion on new 320 slice CT-Pictorial review
    Jai Jai Shiva Shankar

  20. PROPELLER FLAIR of the Brain Compared with Standard FLAIR — Clinical Usefulness and Limitations
    M Maeda, N Matsushima, K Takeda

  21. Evalutaion of Dural Sinus Invasion in Patients with Meningioma: Subtraction CT Angiography using Color-mapping Volume Rendering Technique and Multiplanar Reformatted Images
    Hyeon-Mi Yoo, Jin Woo Choi, Sang Joon Kim

  22. Clinical Utility of Dynamic Subtracted Computed Tomographic Angiography with 320 Multislice Volume CT in Neuroradiology
    S Lim, J Shankar, L Deus-Silva, C Torres, MP dos Santos, C Lum, S Chakraborty

  23. Feasibility of Visual Pathways Tractography Using High-Resolution Diffusion Tensor Tractography Data on 3T
    Arash Kamali, Larry A Kramer, Khader M Hasan

  24. Combined Gadolinium-Enhanced MR Cisternography and Multidetector CT in the Evaluation of Patients with Rhinorrhea and Suspected Dural Leaks: At Last We Can See the Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak!
    RM Ferreira, FS De Toni, MS Pedro, CES Castro, E Lin, JL Bazzi, MA Rodacki

  25. Glioma Diagnosis and Grade: Quantitative MR Imaging Biomarkers
    TC Booth, N Kandasamy, A Mackinnon, H Chandrashekar, A Mehta, A Waldman

  26. Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Primary Central Nervous Lymphomas
    Thanh Binh Nguyen, Farid Rashidi, Santanu Chakraborty, Marlise Santos, John Sinclair, John Woulfe

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