HPC Corner: AMA-YPS/RFS Delegate Report

By: Vivek Yedavalli, MD, MS

I appreciate the opportunity to represent the ASNR at this year’s virtual AMA special meeting of the HOD as our YPS-RFS Delegate. The main theme of this year’s conference was our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on a number of trainee issues.

There was a focus on the mental health of trainees with the increased rates of burnout caused by the pressures of the pandemic. The leadership recommended that we continually provide and market available resources and, when necessary, give them time to cope with the unusual stressors in this setting.

Concerns over the quality of training during the pandemic were also discussed. Given the staff shortage in certain regions, non-physician staff was independently supervising medical trainees, which raised significant concerns. This was mostly in reference to conducting procedures (including LPs, myelograms, drains, etc pertinent to our specialty). Trainees and leadership at all institutions were told to monitor and report any such instances to the AMA.

Lastly, there were also concerns over the disparity of care amongst certain demographics during the pandemic. The leadership emphasized awareness of any biases and formal training when necessary.

I appreciate this wonderful opportunity to represent our society.