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      Amit Mahajan

      Can people share what kind of PPE are people using when doing procedures like LPs and Myelograms?


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      Guidance is evolving but our current hospital recommendation is that for non-aerosol generating procedures such as LPs and myelograms, preprocedural COVID testing is not mandatory and standard surgical masks on both health care provider and patient are required along with other standard sterile barriers (gloves, etc.)  However, N95 should be considered for prolonged close patient contact or if patient unable to wear a mask.  In practice, things tend to be more stringent at least at this point, for example some anesthesia colleagues have said pre-procedure COVID testing is necessary in all patients who need a nasal cannula.

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        Amit Mahajan

        So you do not test for Covid Status prior to procedure? And only use a Surgical Mask for procedures without knowing Covid status?

        We are recommending N95 if patient unable to keep mask on as well, but all inpatients are tested for Covid status at admission.

        Outpatients – we are not testing and using same recommendation as Non aerosol generating procedures.

        What about Spine biopsies and other procedures?



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      good question. i would guess different for COVID positive or negative patients, i just did one over the weekend we were told was negative with masks and eye shields, lead as usual. lots of hand washing after. i guess i would PPE up for a positive case and try to change clothes and soap all up after!

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      Amit Mahajan

      Do you cover your lead or wipe it down after procedure?

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      gul moonis

      For OP LP’s we need a COVID test within 48 hours. If COVID positive use N-95, covered by sugical mask, hazmat suit , face sheild , patient should be masked. If COVID negative, regular gown with double mask (N-95 and surgical)

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      So far nothing.  All inpatients are tested and it’s left to our own discretion.  OPs are not tested.  I just wear a mask and faceshield regardless.  I will also likely start wearing a gown too.



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