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      Alisa Kanfi

      How are people (trainees, staff) keeping track of all of the online resources and lectures? And how feasible is it to attend these lectures and seminars during the work day?

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      not easy at all! especially as the work load starts to ramp the numbers back up as the non-emergent procedures start up again. lots of online talks and archivable content is coming out increasing daily. social media advertising and email blasts from most groups in a great example of the flattening of the world as we can watch European and Asian online talks as easily as north america content these days. we can try to tune in when we can, but hopefully a lot of that content will be recorded and made available later. in short , these days, there is so much content being created that the google search results for these resources and lectures online are changing daily!

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      I agree! Have been trying to take the good with the bad. At times, there has been more free time than we’d normally have to study (I’m a resident), and it’s been very helpful to hear different voices from other programs discuss neuroradiology topics. We are working in waves, so when we are not at work, I try to tune in as much as possible to these lectures.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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