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      Amit Mahajan

      What topics would you want to learn about?

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      there are so many options out there, does anyone have great experience with a platform that they love or suggest over others?

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      I’d personally enjoy a lecture centered on the cerebellum! I’ve never heard a dedicated lecture on it and feel like it’s often neglected in teaching curricula


      Zoom has worked well for us so far, despite its well-documented limitations. MRI Online talks have used it successfully for a few weeks.

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      Agree with KUHN26426. I would also love to learn more about pediatric neuroradiology as well as orbital disease.

      I am also a fan of Zoom and our institution has had experience with the platform prior to the pandemic, which has been helpful. Broadcasting lectures on Youtube is also great, although presenters obviously have to be much more careful about including PHI in lectures.

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      Amit Mahajan

      Are there online resources which people are able to share  with other programs to enhance everyone’s learning?



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      Amit Mahajan

      Watch Imaging the Brain stem Tracts by Dr. Leon Kier from Yale at this Youtube site


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      Jae Song

      I would be interested in learning more about doing remote read-outs. What strategies are most effective? What do trainees find beneficial while maintaining efficiency for both trainee and attending, particularly as volumes start to increase? There are different modes of communication and I also found that different trainees based on level of training and simply personal style have preferences. I’d be interested in hearing others’ experiences to managing this and any advice/tips from both trainees and staff.

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      Amit Mahajan

      I have tried Zoom readouts with my residents and fellows, who seem to like them, instead of the formal readouts in the past. Getting residents at different experience levels on the same conversation seems to be helpful to all residents. Would be curious of others experiences as well as resident/fellow experiences.



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