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Case Editors Katie Traylor, Jessica Wen, and Gennaro D’Anna

Submit cases by e-mail to

Cases need to be interesting and educational. Case acceptance is based upon the discretion of the Case Editors. After all Case Editors have reviewed a case, a decision e-mail will be sent.


  • Anyone who submits a case must consult his or her institutional policies on posting cases to social media.
  • Authors submitting cases acknowledge that submitted images have not been previously published. The submitted images cannot be “owned” by another entity or journal.
  • No identifiable data such as demographic information or hospital identity numbers should be on the images.
  • An approximate age should be used in the case vignette to minimize possibility of identification.
  • Avoid posting rare cases as a rare diagnosis may be enough for a patient to be identified.
    • Exception: Obtain written patient consent in these cases.
  • Should be only radiology and pathology images, no clinical images
  • No medical legal cases or those that have a potential of becoming a medical legal case. i.e. any cases in which the treating physician may be sued or abusive pediatric head trauma cases.

Sample Case Slides:


Case Slides
Submission includes 2 PowerPoint slides and additional requirements:
Slide 1
  1. Brief history
  2. 2-3 high-quality illustrations (color is acceptable) in JPG or PNG format
  3. Names of the authors and institutions. Authors are encouraged to provide their Twitter handles.
Slide 2
  1. Diagnosis
  2. Background information, causes, and imaging findings.
Additional Requirements
  1. Send a list (2-3) of differential diagnoses
  2. Include a multiple choice question that coincides with the submitted case to be published on Twitter.
  3. Reference link to an article that corresponds with diagnosis
  4. Please state how the diagnosis was established; for example: imaging diagnoses, “path proven,” etc.
  5. Please include a set of images with annotations of relevant findings, particularly in cases where imaging findings are subtle.

PowerPoint Template Submissions should utilize our PowerPoint template. Cases that do not adhere to the submission guidelines listed above will be rejected. Please submit final case via e-mail to

Note: This template includes multiple design options under layouts for ease of use.

Image Quality Images should be provided at 92 dpi.

Topics of Interest All properly submitted cases will be reviewed and considered for publication. ASNR encourages submitting cases that present the diagnoses in this document.