Neuroradiology Curricula for Trainees



(Knowledge-based benchmarks based on resident level/rotation exposure)

This ASNR initiative aimed to develop open source, modifiable Diagnostic Radiology (DR) Resident and Fellow curricula. The primary goal was to establish knowledge-based suggested topics for each Neuroradiology rotation, rather than reiterate the list of (Neuroradiology) subjects stipulated by the American Board of Radiology (

With the realization that there are many different practice patterns and structures within residencies and fellowships, this document has been created to serve as a template for programs and individuals to utilize and modify/tailor in a manner appropriate to their own needs in order to (hopefully) optimize their education in Neuroradiology. The motivation for this is closely aligned with the realization that many of us in Neuroradiology education had been doing this in parallel already. This work is not meant to provide requirements, guidelines or be all-inclusive (for example, many noninterpretive skills are, we believe, important but not covered here) but to provide a resource.

There are 3 products related to this curriculum project:

  • R1-R3
  • R4
  • Fellowship (F1 and F2)


The information in this curriculum is partitioned into three rotations, loosely based on the first three years of residency or monthly rotations – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years of DR residency.  Recognizing that different practice and call patterns may compel some curricular items to map to different levels of rotation, those items were highlighted in yellow.   To clarify, certain items appropriate for the 2nd year level of training in some programs may be better suited for the 1st year of training in others because of call or other program requirements and these have been highlighted in yellow.  The same is true for other items that may be more suited for 2nd or 3rd year levels, depending on the institution.


Given the flexible format of the fourth year at most programs, this fourth year curriculum has been developed for adaptation for 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month Neuroradiology rotations as highlighted in yellow.  The 3 month topics also include the 1 month topics.  The 6 month topics also include the 3 month and 1 month topics.  All of the R4 topics should also include the R1-R3 topics.  This curriculum is also meant to provide DR Residents with a framework of topics to focus on during their fourth year rotation.

Fellowship (F1-F2)

All of the NR Fellowship topics should also include all R1-R3 and R4 topics.

Task Force Leaders

R1-R3:  Ajay Malhotra

R4:  Rihan Khan

Fellowship (F1-F2):  Pamela Schaefer

INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS (Listed alphabetically by last name; if you contributed and your name is not on this list, we apologize and ask that you let us know so that we can add it): Vikas Agarwal, Harprit Bedi, Jeffrey Bennett, Richard A Bronen, Falgun Chokshi, Richard Downs, Christopher Filippi, Ryan Fitzgerald, Marion Hughes, Hrishikesh Kale, Gerritt Lagemann, Christie M. Malayil Lincoln, Ajay Malhotra, Atul Mallik, Suyash Mohan, Mark Mullins, Richard Wiggins, Franz Wippold, Achala Vagal.

NEURORADIOLOGY GROUP CONTRIBUTORS (Listed alphabetically; if your place contributed and that name is not on this list, we apologize and ask that you let us know so that we can add it):  Emory University, University of Arizona, University of Louisville, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, Washington University, Yale University

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