Changing Perspective: Collection of AJNR

Essays by Editor-in-Chief Castillo will benefit foundation of the ASNR

The newly published essay collection Changing Perspectives brings together an eclectic and engaging body of writing by former AJNR Editor-in-Chief Mauricio Castillo. First published as editorials in the AJNR, these pieces cover thought-provoking topics that demonstrate how insights gained through neuroradiology intertwine with daily life — spanning topics such as health, happiness, technology, writing, freedom of choice and love. Some titles include:

  • The Sixth Dimension and God’s Helmet
  • Boosting Your Brain: The Couch Potato
  • Of Girth and Brains
  • The Social Network of Loneliness
  • Tintin and Colleagues Go to the Doctor

Always popular among AJNR readers, these short essays make a good addition to your reading list, waiting room materials and physician libraries. Proceeds from the sale of this book, which is available through Amazon, will benefit the Foundation of the ASNR.

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