Anne G. Osborn ASNR International Outreach Professor Program

The Anne G. Osborn ASNR International Outreach Professor Program, announced in June 2017, is a volunteer program available to ASNR Senior members who are interested in teaching in developing countries. It is not a traditional visiting professor program, but is an outreach program where the costs of the program are shared between the ASNR member, the ASNR, and the host organization in the host country. The program was suspended in 2021 and 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic but will resume in 2023.

The main objective of the program is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and techniques, and to teach. The successful applicant will be expected to be an enthusiastic teacher with excellent teaching skills, even when in an unfamiliar teaching environment. The successful applicant will be expected to give traditional lectures, perform case reviews and teaching-file reviews, and participate in direct teacher-to-student “view-box”/”workstation” teaching. The minimum length of a professorship is one week. However, some countries may request and support a longer exchange. The expected daily teaching activities will vary from location to location. We anticipate that during a typical program, the visiting professor will spend one week in each of one or more hospitals in the host country. During each week they will give approximately three lectures and spend approximately four half-days in direct teaching sessions, allowing one full day and the remaining half-days free for activities of their own choosing. The professor may also be asked to speak at a local or regional continuing education event. The time of year for each professorship will vary from country to country. Each country usually indicates a preference for the dates of the professorship but in most cases there will be flexibility with respect to scheduling the professorship, subject to the wishes of the host organization and the availability of the professor.

Five countries are participating in the 2023 program: Argentina, Brazil, Ghana, Tanzania, and Thailand (two programs in Brazil). The ASNR supports up to 10 placements per year. Applications open in late summer of every year. The application form is intended to be brief, with an emphasis on the applicant’s teaching skills and experience. The application form for the 2023 professorships will be available in August 2022. All applications will be reviewed by the ASNR and then submitted to the host organization. The host organization will have the final decision on which ASNR members they are most interested in hosting. A “match” will be held between the applicant’s rank order and the host country’s rank order. Preference will be given to ASNR members who have not been an outreach professor in the past.

In most placements, the host country will provide local housing, meals, and local transportation. Unfortunately in some locations, this may not be possible. The terms for prior year’s program can be found online here. The ASNR will provide a $2,000 (U.S. funds) travel reimbursement to each successful applicant, as well as a certificate upon completion of the professorship. All other expenses will be the responsibility of the ASNR member.

Upon completion of the program, the outreach professor will provide a one-page report summarizing his/her experience to be published on the ASNR website. Reports from previous ASNR Outreach Professors are available online.

2015-2020 Outreach Professors

2020 Outreach Professors

Sponsoring Organization/Country

2020 Outreach Professors
Brazil Recife Ashok Srinivasan
Brazil SP/Rio Sugoto Mukherjee
Egypt Mahmud Mossa-Basha
Ethiopia David R. Pettersson
Mongolia Alexander Khandji
Myanmar Carolina V. Guimaraes
South Africa Lawrence Ginsberg
Tanzania Jim Anderson
Thailand Mari Hagiwara
Ukraine Ajay Malhotra
2019 Outreach Professors
Brazil Recife Mai-Lan Ho
Brazil SP Gaurang Shah
Ethiopia Carina Yang
Ethiopia Sandeep Bhuta
Egypt Joseph P. Cousins
Peru Sarah Sarvis Milla
Ukraine Achint K. Singh
South Africa Harprit Bedi
Thailand Alireza Radmanesh
Ghana Kwasi Ofori Armah
2018 Outreach Professors
Thailand Todd Abruzzo
Myanmar Carlos H. Torres
Ethiopia Susan Palasis
Brazil – Recife Carlos Zamora
S. Africa Suyash Mohan
Kenya Joshua P. Nickerson
Ghana Gregory Avey
Ukraine Rajan Jain
Brazil – Rio/Sao Paolo Amit Agarwal
Nicaragua Elka Miller
2017 Outreach Professors
Myanmar Christopher G. Filippi
Ukraine Frank J. Lexa and Greg Zaharchuk
South Africa Robert C McKinstry
Brazil Mark E. Mullins
Ghana Bruno P. Soares
Thailand Ashok Srinivasan
Ethiopia Aylin Tekes-Brady
Brazil John T. Wald
Ukraine Greg Zaharchuk and Frank Lexa
2016 Outreach Professors
Myanmar Radiology Society, Yangon, Myanmar Carlos Martinez
Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand Eugene Yu
Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Robert Delapaz
Ghana Association of Radiologists, Accra, Ghana Hemant Parmar
Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA), South Africa Jeffrey Lee Creasy
Peruvian Society of Radiology, Peru Maria Cortes and Ramon Figueroa
Danylo Halytskyi Medical University, L’viv, Ukraine James Abrahams and Lawrence Ginsberg
Clínica de Diagnóstico por Imagem, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Nafi Aygun and Meng Law
2015 Outreach Professors

Indian Radiology and Imaging Associations (IRIA), India William Dillon and David Yousem
Radiological Society of South Africa (RSSA), South Africa Wade Wong
Peruvian Society of Radiology, Peru Lawrence Ginsberg
Danylo Halytskyi Medical University, L’viv, Ukraine Jonathan Morris and Donald Schomer