Anne G. Osborn ASNR International Outreach Professor Program Announcement

June 27, 2017

The American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR) is pleased to announce the creation of the Anne G. Osborn ASNR International Outreach Professor Program, with the goal of creating enduring and sustainable support to bring high-quality neuroradiology education to developing areas of the world. This new program builds on ASNR’s outreach professorship program, begun in 2015 through the organization’s International Collaborations Committee, which recruits and coordinates the travel of ASNR Senior Members to teach around the world.

A donation of $100,000 by Dr. Osborn will define the start of a fundraising campaign by the Foundation of the ASNR, aiming to achieve a $500,000 program fund through which sustained program funding will be accomplished. Dr. Osborn has also expressed intent to fund the program beyond the current level.

"International neuroradiology educational outreach is near and dear to my heart,” said Dr. Osborn. “I've seen first-hand how this kind of effort can have lasting effects on the development of neuroimaging as a recognized, respected subspecialty to the benefit of patients and referring physicians alike. The ASNR is at the forefront of such worthy efforts and I am honored beyond words to have my name linked to our beloved Society."

In recent years, the ASNR International Collaborations Committee, chaired by Dr. Walter Kucharczyk, has successfully supported the travel of its members to teach in places such as Ghana, Myanmar, Peru, India, Ukraine, South Africa, Ethiopia and Thailand. Reports from ASNR outreach professors describe rewarding experiences for the host countries and professors alike.

ASNR encourages neuroradiologists to participate in this historic advancement of the Society’s international collaborations by applying to be professors and by donating to this effort through the Foundation of the ASNR. Click for more information on these outreach professorships.

The program’s namesake, Dr. Anne G. Osborn, Distinguished Professor of Radiology at the University of Utah, is an internationally renowned neuroradiology educator, past president of the ASNR, as well as recipient of the RSNA Outstanding Educator Award.


Anne G. Osborn, MD