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Welcome to the ASNR’s International Collaborations page. Here you will learn about the ways ASNR collaborates with neuroradiology globally and the benefits offered to neuroradiologists in every corner of the globe. While American is an important part of ASNR’s identity, the Society has evolved to be a global organization, advancing neuroradiological science and practice throughout the world. The ASNR International Collaborations Committee is responsible for implementation of these international programs. For example,

  • A majority of American Journal of Neuroradiology’s articles come from non-American authors, with strong representation across the globe.
  • ASNR’s Annual Meeting typically attracts hundreds of attendees from outside of North America, and
  • ASNR websites, such as AJNR, Neurographics, and ASNR eCME reach global audiences to disseminate neuroradiology research and education throughout the world.
  • Each year, the Anne G. Osborn ASNR Outreach Professor Program sends neuroradiologists to developing countries to boost neuroradiology education across the globe.
  • The ASNR International Imaging Series of meetings provides speakers for programs internationally. Five meetings in this series occurred between 2016 and 2019.  Due to the COVID pandemic, this series is currently on hiatus but is expected to resume with applications in 2022 for meetings in 2023.
  • During the pandemic, Virtual Reading Rooms and Webinars were added to continue international collaboration efforts.
  • A mechanism to review and approve opportunities for virtual international collaboration, such as virtual case conferences, didactic lectures, and mentoring, has recently been developed.

Host countries interested in hosting in-person Imaging series or virtual collaborations and ASNR members interested in volunteering as speakers can use the links to the left of the page to sign up.