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Mary Beth Hepp

CEO/Executive Director
ext 224

Kristi Friedrich

COO/Associate Executive Director
ext 226

Rahul Bhala, MBA, MPH

Public Affairs & Health Policy Strategy Officer
ext 235

Erica Kruse

Director of Education
ext 229

Lynn Brown

Director, Meetings and Business Development
ext 228

Karen Lyp

Director of Administration
ext 221

Tanya Kostova

Director of Finance
ext 244

Karen Halm

AJNR Managing Editor
ext 238

Laura Wilhelm

Assistant Managing Editor, AJNR
Managing Editor, Neurographics
ext 240

Lisa Kennelly

Senior Manager, Membership & AMS
ext 222

Kristy Schlossberg

Marketing Manager
ext 242

Theresa Espinosa

Foundation and Research Manager
ext 239

Dulce Pauta

Senior Staff Accountant
ext 255

Colleen Will

Senior Coordinator, Education
ext 232

Liz Valdivia

Senior Coordinator, Meetings
ext 245

Kayla Jacob

Staff Accountant
ext 255

Lynn Jacobsen

Membership Coordinator
ext 233