ASNR Statement on the Crisis in Ukraine

The ASNR is a medical society focused on promoting the highest standards for clinical practice, education, and research in the field of neuroradiology. In our commitment to this vision, we emphasize cooperation, partnership, equality, and respect among and between our colleagues around the world. The invasion of Ukraine, a country with which ASNR has previously partnered in the advancement of science and education in neuroradiology, is the latest in a series of acts of violence and war that disregard these foundational principles. We are shocked by the wanton disregard for human life and dignity, and we are saddened by the struggles of our radiology colleagues and other health care workers working to care for the wounded against impossible odds. We extend our deepest sympathy to the health care workers and the people of Ukraine, and we hope for a swift resolution to this crisis.

For those wishing to help the people of Ukraine, a charitable organization, The Ukrainian Medical Association of North America ( is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization providing services in the region.