The American Society of Neuroradiology marks its 50th anniversary in 2012 and the American Journal of Neuroradiology is commemorating this milestone with a series of multimedia tributes. Just released is “History of Neuroradiology: ASNR and AJNR,” a Special Collection edited by Mauricio Castillo, AJNR’s Editor-in-Chief.

“ASNR’s gold anniversary is an occasion to celebrate, recall our history, and stand in awe of those first visionaries who saw the opportunity and need to formally establish the specialty of neuroradiology in the United States and around the world,” observed Castillo. “This collection of almost 90 articles from AJNR and other publications documents what has occurred since the start of neuroradiology up until today. The beauty of its electronic basis is that it will allow new content to be added as years pass.”

Complementing the published history collection is a series of podcasts with ASNR founders and visionaries. AJNR’s Podcast Editor C. Douglas Phillips interviewed these dignitaries and a new podcast will released each month, beginning in April. The first is a reminiscence with Michael Huckman, ASNR Past President and former AJNR Editor-in-Chief. These special podcasts will be posted along with Dr. Phillips’ regular summaries of each issue’s highlights and are available to download from the AJNR Website or the iTunes Store.

A second Special Collection “Top 40 Articles in AJNR,” compiled by Guest Editors Harry J. Cloft and David F. Kallmes will be released later in the month to coincide with ASNR’s Annual Meeting in New York City, the site of its founding. The Journal is also featuring a series of historical Perspectives columns and 50th Anniversary review articles, published in its January, June-July, and December issues.

AJNR’s Special Collections are intended to provide a comprehensive source of imaging-related articles on a single topic and are released biannually on an open-access basis. Previous Collections include “Imaging Acute Stroke and its Consequences,” “Acute Stroke Intervention,” “Percutaneous Vertebroplasty,” “Radiation Dose in Neuroradiology CT Protocols,” “Brain Tumor Imaging, Volume 1: Pretherapy,” “Brain Tumor Imaging, Volume 2: Posttherapy,” “Head and Neck Neoplasms,” and “Congenital Brain Anomalies.” All are available through AJNR’s print-on-demand service (Brightdoc), where readers can order a full-color hard copy for just US $50.00, plus shipping.

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