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In June, 2015, Mauricio Castillo, MD, FACR, will complete an eight-year term as the Editor-in-Chief of the AJNR. He follows a short list of illustrious neuroradiologists, from Dr. Juan Taveras to Dr. Michael Huckman to Dr. Robert Quencer to Dr. Robert Grossman.

One only has to pick up any random issue of the AJNR to realize what a tremendous mark Mauricio has made on the journal. His imprint starts on the first page of content with his column, Perspectives. Probing, erudite, at times very witty, and always brilliant, Mauricio turns out a monthly commentary on the state of neuroradiology, the state of our profession, and, at times, the state of the world. His references and quotations demonstrate a mind not only scientific and exacting but also knowledgeable in realms far beyond medicine.

Having worked with Mauricio very closely at the ASNR for the past two years, I can also attest to the fact that Mauricio is totally dedicated to the journal. At times, it seemed his reason for being. And the journal has benefitted immensely, in turn. From its look to its organization to the quality of the articles, Mauricio has brought the journal into the forefront of all radiology journals and it now ranks #2 in Impact Factor of all radiology journals. AJNR is the premier clinical neuroimaging journal with the highest circulation among all imaging-related subspecialty journals, publishing about 350 articles in 12 issues per year. It receives over 1400 original submissions annually and its Web site is accessed over 10 million times a year. In addition to the print version of the Journal, Mauricio also initiated its biannual Special Collections and monthly AJNR Digest. Other electronic activities which he began include its popular Case Collection (Case of the Week, Case of the Month, Classic Case, and Clinical Correlation), podcasts (editor’s and fellows’ journal club selections, traveling journal club, and Special Collections), and Fellows’ Portal. With his international background, Mauricio has also been the ideal person to spread the word of the AJNR across the world. Finally, he has done all this and kept the journal in sound financial health through a period of difficult economic times.

Mauricio took over leadership of the journal at a time when the concept of the journal was beginning to enter a state of flux. One only has to look at your neighborhood newsstand to realize that this has been a time when many publications have been unable to adjust and have disappeared. In the past eight years, the demands on the journal have changed. Our current expectations are for instant gratification, not a lag time before publication. We require our information in more bite-size pieces, directed at us and easily accessible.

The new editor will face an even more rapidly evolving world. What is the future of radiology journals? We know that the AJNR will survive but in what form? What will be the best digital format? There will be an increased demand for electronic access and a further migration to tablets and smartphones. Preserving the brand of the AJNR will become more challenging. While in the past, publication was the end point, increasingly, publication today is the starting point, the beginning of an interactive discussion. How will this impact on the financial state of the journal, with decreasing print advertising? How will the AJNR respond to the demands of social media?

To assist the Executive Committee in the search for a new editor in these changing times, I will chair a search committee comprised, in part, of Tina Young-Poussaint, Chair of the Publications Committee, Laurie Loevner, Vice-President, Howard Rowley, Robert Quencer, Robert D. Zimmerman, James Barkovich, Tabbassum Kennedy, and some of the Senior Editors of the AJNR, Harry J. Cloft, Nancy Fischbein, Pamela W. Schaefer, Jody Tanabe, and Charles M. Strother, as well as James Gantenberg, Karen Halm, and Angelo Artemakis from the ASNR headquarters. The appointment of the new Editor-in-Chief will be announced in the spring of 2015.

All interested physicians are invited to send their curriculum vitae and an introductory letter of intent to Dr. Gordon Sze, American Society of Neuroradiology, 800 Enterprise Drive, Suite 205, Oak Brook, IL, 60523 and via email to and In addition, we welcome nominations of candidates from the ASNR membership. The deadline for receipt of submissions is August 1, 2014 but earlier submissions are welcome. Click here for a position description for the AJNR Editor and basic qualifications.

Gordon Sze, MD, FACR
Chair, Editor-in-Chief Search Committee
President-Elect, American Society of Neuroradiology

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