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Terms of Use for Institutional Subscriptions

Two types of institutional subscription levels exist for AJNR Online: Basic and Extended Online access (either of these levels may be purchased with or without a subscription to the print edition). If you are not sure which level you have subscribed to, please contact AJNR at 1-800-783-4903. The terms of use for these two levels are given below. Failure to adhere to these terms may result in termination of the subscription and forfeiture of fees paid.

Basic and Extended Institutional Subscriptions

The Basic institutional subscription allows a library or institution to grant access to AJNR Online via any computer located on the premises of a library and accessible to library patrons. The basic institutional subscription also permits computer access from offices, classrooms, or other computers outside of the library. Extended Online subscriptions are offered to institutions with the highest levels of use, documented on an annual basis.

In this case, "authorized libary patron" is defined to be a user who has rights to access the physical materials of the library and receive materials on loan (excluding interlibrary loans). Libraries must authenticate any user who connects via proxy server to AJNR Online via password and/or IP address to ensure that the user is an "authorized library patron." Extended Online access may not be used to grant access to AJNR Online to the general public, even if the general public is considered authorized library patrons.

Librarians are responsible for entering IP addresses of computers to define which computers have access. Librarians may not enter IP addresses of computers off site of the institution. Offsite users must gain access via the IP address of the proxy server. It is the responsibility of the library to assure that these IP addresses meet the criteria defined above.

Disclaimer of Warranties

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AJNR Online is under development and changes may be made in these publications and programs at any time. There is no guarantee that the information contained in the online version of the journal is identical to the print version of the journal and neither the American Society of Neuroradiology or Stanford has any duty to update the information contained on the online version to correct errors or otherwise.


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