We are approaching the fifth year of the ABR Maintenance of Certification (MOC) process, and if you are not in the thick of it, as a practicing Neuroradiologist you may soon be. As a professional organization the ASNR is committed to the MOC process to assure the public that our members are providing the very highest level of Neuroradiology to our patients and referring physicians. Below is a synopsis of what you must do to maintain certification in our subspecialty, and our goal is to provide you with the resources for achieving this. Please print this message and use it as a checklist for completion so that you won’t be surprised by the requirements in the final years of your 10-year cycle. Within the 10 years you must:

Maintain your license and privileges to practice medicine in one or more states
Average 25 CME hours per year (total 250 CME hours over 10 years)
Average of two self-assessment modules (SAMs) per year (total of 20 SAMs in 10 years). Please note that 20% of these must be in a general radiology category, such as critical or emergency imaging findings, contrast media usage, and radiation safety. This is currently divided into 4 noninterpretive skills SAMs and 16 clinical content SAMs. Also note that most SAM modules online are 90 minutes in length.
Complete a PQI (practice quality improvement) project
Pass the MOC examination (a four-hour computer-based multiple-choice examination)
To assist you, the ASNR has the following resources:

Over 50 hours of eCME credits on line :
16 online SAMs (24 hours) :
A link to ABR neuro and general radiology SAMs: (
On line MOC case reviews:
A link to our ASNR-derived spinal nomenclature PQI project at:
A link to other ABR sponsored Neuroradiology PQI projects at : (
A simplified portal, ASNR.MOC, guiding you through the MOC requirements and ASNR’s resources for meeting them is at
The ABR website for Neuroradiology MOC is at and is a good way to get oriented to the process.
In addition, all of your past and future licensure, SAM, CME, and PQI data can be stored at one online location supported by the ASNR at the CME gateway at
The MOC process is a self-administered means of guaranteeing continued professional excellence. The ASNR supports this process and encourages all members to participate, and we are here to help. The ASNR has proudly taken a leading role in the development and implementation of SAMs in our field. This is another way that the ASNR is demonstrating leadership in the development of practice standards, educational understanding of new issues, and ultimately influencing practice guidelines. We hope this summary letter and the resources the ASNR supplies will assist our members in an efficient completion of MOC requirements. Information on all the MOC components will be presented at the ASNR 48th Annual Meeting next month.
See you in Boston!
John Hesselink, ASNR President
David Yousem, 2nd Past President

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