The Foundation of the ASNR was formed in late 1994. Its mission is to promote education and research in the field of Neuroradiology, and the development of clinician scientists who will become an innovative core for the development of new ideas and academic excellence.

In later years, the Trustees changed the name to the “Neuroradiology Education and Research Foundation (NERF)” in an effort to raise awareness of ASNR’s tripartite mission. After completing a recent, thorough development planning study, the leaders were advised to begin rebranding the Foundation with its original designation. Therefore, the Foundation will go back to its roots and be known as “The Foundation of the ASNR”. We anticipate this change will greatly enhance prospecting and cultivation activity, particularly in the early stages, as it establishes an identity as a fund-raising organization aligned with the ASNR. Emphasis will be placed on determining bold programmatic goals for educational programs, as well as research grants.

We hope you will support the Foundation’s efforts to promote the role of ASNR in guaranteeing the continued vitality and relevance of Neuroradiology, and helping to secure the livelihoods of its members.

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