Neurographics Debuts CME Credits With March Issue

ASNR’s online educational journal, Neurographics, now offers CME Credit with its review articles. The CME credits are free for ASNR members and may be earned by completing a post-test through ASNR’s eCME system, which also offers streaming neuroradiology lectures. The AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ is available for free to ASNR members by logging in at, and nonmembers may earn CME credit for a small fee at

The latest issue of Neurographics features the following articles:

The Many Guises of Mitochondrial Disease
Bonfante, Eliana E.; Koenig, Mary Kay; Supsupin, Emilio P.; Riascos, Roy
CLIPPERS Syndrome in a Patient with a Fluctuating Cerebellar Syndrome
Authors: Wetter, Axel; Küpeli, Günes; Meila, Dan; Brassel, Friedhelm; Nacimiento, Wilhelm
Cystic Lesions in Spinal Imaging: A Pictorial Review and Classification
Authors: Noujaim, Samir E.; Moreng, Kate L.; Noujaim, Daniel L.
Inflammatory Discitis (Andersson Lesions) in a Seronegative Arthropathy Other Than Ankylosing Spondylitis
Authors: Kausar, Fariha; Tehrani, Rodney; Lomasney, Laurie M.
Gadofosveset Trisodium and TWIST for the Evaluation of Pediatric Head and Neck Soft Tissue Vascular Anomalies
Authors: Bonekamp, David; Huisman, Thierry A.G.M.; Bosemani, Thangamadhan; Carrino, John; Pryde, Scott; Mitchell, Sally E.; Tekes, Aylin
Nonnodal, Nonspinal Metastatic Tumors to the Head and Neck: Distribution Pattern and Imaging Findings
Authors: Lee, Jeong Hyun; Anzai, Yoshimi

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