ASNR Signs onto Letter in Response to Executive Order on Immigration and Travel

Dear ASNR Members and Other Colleagues,

The American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR) has long fostered and benefited from close collaborations with radiologists and scientists from all over the world. Since the founding of the ASNR in 1962, international leaders have served as society presidents, initiated the first fellowship training programs, and driven us to ever-higher standards including sub-specialty certification. In view of the recent presidential executive order affecting immigration policy, the Board of Directors has signed a joint letter with numerous health-care organizations, expressing our support for the rights of our international colleagues to enter the United States to participate in our meetings, to train in our academic programs, to cooperate in research, as well as become U.S. residents and citizens through nondiscriminatory processes. We recognize and appreciate that more than 25% of U.S. physicians are born outside of the United States. This diversity strengthens the fabric of our daily practice, enhances our profession, and benefits our patients.

In recent years, ASNR has expanded its international efforts:

  • A majority of American Journal of Neuroradiology’s articles are contributed by non-American authors, with strong representation across the globe. AJNR offers free or low-cost access to developing nations through the WHO’s HINARI program.
  • In 2015, ASNR’s International Collaborations Committee initiated programs to bring neuroradiology education to under-resourced areas through its Outreach Professor Program, International Imaging Series symposia, and recruitment of international speakers.
  • ASNR’s Annual Meeting attracts hundreds of attendees from outside of North America, many of whom participate as speakers, presenters, and moderators.
  • Our Society has proudly recognized international colleagues with Honorary Membership.

ASNR will continue to pursue efforts to eliminate political, economic and cultural barriers to international collaboration and education in neuroradiology. These efforts are integral to the vision, mission and values of our organization. Our goal is to show our respect, gratitude, and solidarity to our overseas colleagues who are our trusted partners in patient care and the advancement of science. 

Neuroradiologists the world-over should know they are always welcome in their home – the ASNR. Sincerely,

Howard A. Rowley
ASNR President

Mary Beth Hepp
ASNR Executive Director

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