AJNR Editorial Fellowship


ASNR and AJNR are pleased to join efforts with other imaging-related journals that have training programs on editorial aspects of publishing
for trainees or junior staff (3­–5 years after training) such as Radiology (Olmsted fellowship), AJR (Figley and Rogers fellowships [USA and international respectively]), and Radiologia (from Spain).


  1. Increase interest in “editorial” and publication-related activities in younger individuals.

  2. Increase understanding and participation in the AJNR review process.

  3. Incorporate into AJNR’s Editorial Board younger individuals who have previous experience in the review and publication process.

  4. Fill a specific need in neuroradiology not offered by other similar fellowships.

  5. Increase the relationship between “newer” generations of neuroradiologists and more established individuals.

  6. Increase visibility of AJNR among younger neuroradiologists.

Activities of the “Fellowship”:

  1. Serve as “Junior Editor” for one year. This individual will be listed on the masthead as such and will receive a certificate
    stating his/her activities at the end of the service period.

  2. Review at least one manuscript per month for 12 months. Evaluate all review articles submitted to AJNR. Access to our electronic manuscript review system will be granted so that the candidate can learn how these systems work.

  3. Be involved in the final decision of selected manuscripts together with the EIC.

  4. Participate in all monthly telephone “Senior Editor” conference calls.

  5. Participate in all meetings of the Editors and Publications Committee during the annual meetings of ASNR and RSNA as
    per candidate’s availability. AJNR/ASNR will not provide funding for this activity but may offer a discounted fee for its annual meeting.

  6. Evaluate progress and adjust program to specific needs in biannual meeting or telephone conference with the EIC.

  7. Write at least one editorial for AJNR.

  8. Embark on an editorial scientific or bibliometric project that will lead to the submission of an article to AJNR or another appropriate journal as determined by AJNR’s EIC. This project can be done in conjunction with the EIC or one of the Senior Editors.

  9. Serve as liaison between AJNR and ASNR’s Young Professionals Network and the 3 YPs appointed to AJNR as special consultants. Participate in meetings and telephone calls with this group. Design one electronic survey/year polling
    the group regarding readership attitudes and wishes.

  10. Recruit trainees as reviewers as determined by the EIC.

  11. Participate in Web improvement projects.

  12. Potentially become a member of AJNR’s Editorial Board at the end of the fellowship.


  1. Be a fellow in neuroradiology from North America, including Canada (this may be later extended to include other countries).

  2. Be a junior faculty neuroradiology member (< 3 years) in either an academic and private environment.

  3. Provide an “end” of fellowship report to AJNR’s EIC and ASNR’s Publications Committee.

  4. Be an “in-training” or member of ASNR in any other category.


  1. Include a short letter of intent with statement of goals and desired research project. CV must be included.

  2. Include a letter of recommendation from the Division Chief or fellowship program director. A statement of protected time
    to perform the functions outlined is desirable.

  3. Applications will be evaluated by AJNR’s Senior Editors and the Chair of the Publications Committee during the ASNR meeting. The name of the selected individual will
    be announced shortly thereafter.

  4. Applications should be received by March 1, 2013 and sent to Ms. Karen Halm, AJNR Managing Editor, electronically at khalm{at}asnr.org.

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