The ACGME has adjusted its position and has passed language creating a pathway that permits neuroradiology fellowship programs to accept international medical graduates (IMGs) and doctors of osteopathy (DOs). In effect, IMGs and DOs that have not completed an ACGME, RCPSC, or CFPC accredited radiology residency can enter an ACGME neuroradiology fellowship through a specific set of criteria laid out in the new requirement language. This common program requirement would go into effect on July 1, 2016. The new one-year common program requirements are available on the ACGME website. The specific language pertaining to the “Fellow Eligibility Exception” is described in III.A.1.b in the “One Year Common Program Requirements.”

To summarize:

Each IMG/DO Candidate whose exceptional qualifications are being considered for the “Fellow Eligibility Exception” must be reviewed and approved by the individual institution’s GMEC or a subcommittee of the GMEC. There is no specific language pertaining to the match, but it seems it would be prudent to have each candidate you are considering ranking approved by your local GME prior to submitting your rank list.
ACGME-accredited neuroradiology programs will be able to accept IMGs for 2015. Thus, you can interview IMGs in the upcoming interview season.
The implementation date of the new requirements has been delayed by one year until July 2016.
Individual Residency Review Committees are allowed to grant exceptions at the fellowship level and not require that prior residency training have been completed in ACGME or Canadian programs. The Radiology RRC has approved this pathway.

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