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Having mentors is invaluable in our development. Knowing someone who has once been where you were that can offer their advice through personal experience helps you learn from their successes and failures. Who has taken the time to share their life and resources with you, to care about your well-being, and to be transparent with their own life to help you with yours? A mentor is someone you respect, someone that leads by their example, someone that is honest with you, someone that encourages you, and most importantly inspires you! Who inspires you to be independent, to work hard, to achieve, to be part of a team, to give back, and equally important to be a person of integrity and character not only in your professional career, but in your personal life?

Honor your mentor(s) on this year’s “2016 ASNR Inspiration Wall”. Take the time through this important gesture not only to give well deserved recognition, but to give back.

Help neuroradiologists to continue to show their value as members of the health-care delivery team of today. Invest in outcome and quality driven patient centered care through standardized neuroradiology training and education, patient outreach, and personalized imaging. Neural networks, imaging biomarkers, and imaging genomics are filling gaps in many disease processes driving an increasing era of personalized imaging. Relationships with our clinical colleagues, patients and their families remain central.

Join your friends and colleagues on the 2016 Donor Wall! It is highly desired that donations be made in honor of your mentor(s) and role model(s).

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Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Co-Chair, The Foundation of the ASNR


Pina C. Sanelli, MD, MPH
Co-Chair, The Foundation of the ASNR