Letter from The Foundation of the ASNR 2016 Co-Chairs:

The Foundation of the American Society of Neuroradiology continues to experience substantial financial and programmatic growth. Due to the generosity of our donors, the Foundation is embarking on a new era in its research endeavors. Contributions, such as yours, are vital to support research and education in neuroimaging so that we can remain cutting edge and continue to be leaders in our field.

As neuroradiologists and members of ASNR, we play a crucial role in promoting the highest standards for training and practice, fostering research in our field, and ensuring the future of our specialty. Research is central to the future of our field; fostering new ideas for clinical practice and enhancing patient care.

Your continued support and donations have allowed the Foundation to grant over $4 million to fund over 95 investigators enabling them to pursue their scientific interests, advance the field of neuroradiology, and ultimately establish themselves as independent investigators. As you know, the research we do today will have a great impact on the future; therefore, the role of the Foundation in funding neuroradiology investigators is becoming even more critical in this healthcare environment.

Here is a sampling of the feedback that we have received from Award recipients:

This award has been instrumental in launching my academic career in translational research and was the springboard for my path towards research independence…I was recently awarded my first NIH R21, for investigating regenerative methods after BBBD and intra-arterial chemotherapy delivery!

Monica Pearl, MD

Recipient of The Foundation of ASNR 2013 Scholar Award in Neuroradiology Research
The Foundation grant program is extremely valuable, particularly for a junior investigator, by providing the resources to have dedicated research time under the mentorship of a senior advisor…I have also learned how to accomplish aims more efficiently and write scientific articles more effectively. In addition, I have learned how to assume more of a leadership role in research projects…and (this) was only made possible by the generosity of the Foundation of the ASNR

Joseph Young, MD

Recipient of The Foundation of ASNR 2015 Scholar Award in Neuroradiology Research

Increased Foundation support by our membership sends the clear message that your commitment to preserving the integrity of our specialty and patient care is of utmost importance. We are honored to serve as the Co-Chairs of the Foundation, working collaboratively with a dedicated group of neuroradiologists whose vision and commitment allows us to fulfill our mission. Thank you for your confidence in the work of the Foundation and for being a part of our success.

Trusting that our continued efforts will create a greater value for all of neuroradiology,

Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Co-Chair, The Foundation of the ASNR
Pina C. Sanelli, MD, MPH, FACR
Co-Chair, The Foundation of the ASNR